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With the introduction of the Google Streets function, anyone with a strong internet connection may see a first-person perspective of any location on the planet. But have you ever wondered how this was accomplished before this amazing feature? It all began with Google employees driving about in vehicles equipped with 360-degree cameras. Isn’t it awesome? The best thing, though, was that they were able to capture amazing moments on film. Take a look at these perfectly placed photographs.

Mornings Suck

When we look at this shot, we’re not sure what the first thought that springs to mind is. Our initial assumption is that some individuals went a little wild with the toilet paper decoration, but it’s also possible that they planned a big celebration the day before and the toilet paper artistry withstood the night.


On the other side, perhaps this is a modern-day form of egg tossing, and some of the neighbors were just having fun with their wonderful neighborhood.

Public Display of Affection

It’s always exciting to capture someone in the middle of a proposal. Of course, this is provided the bride or groom agrees. If you don’t, things could become a little awkward. Since he wrote ‘Proposal 2.0,’ we don’t know if this man is aiming for a second run.


If that’s the case, we sincerely hope things go better for him the second time around. If not, the kind ladies on the right got to say hello to their mother.

Horsing Around

This is invaluable. Assume you’re using Google Streets to seek a certain location and this appears. Wouldn’t that pique your interest to go over there and check what’s happening? This man appears to have a mission: accessorize like a horse, eat a banana, and say hello to his flamingo pals.


Is there a phone on the table, or something else? Are there going to be any additional animals at the picnic? We don’t know what’s happening, but we’re quite interested in meeting this man. Oh, and why are his calves fuzzy in the first place?

E.T. Phone Home?

There, confirmation that aliens exist and may be seen relaxing in the sun while wearing a tie-dye shirt. “How’s it going, bud? Do you want to hang out with us as we plot to take over the world?” Or perhaps their human partner simply thought that today was a good day to release them into the light.


Man, I’m serious. Perhaps the alien dolls should be kept inside the home. Otherwise, we’d be curious to see what would happen if a government agency happened to stumble across this when searching for an address on Google Streets.

The (Not-So) Great Escape

This guy just can’t seem to get a break. This man, dressed in what appears to be a prison outfit, appears to be fleeing (most likely away from something or somewhere), and Google Streets isn’t helping him. Just when you thought you’d be able to discreetly get out of jail.


At the very least, his face is hidden. Instead, when they stop him farther down the road and inquire where he’s headed, he won’t know what hit him. Which is most likely what happened in the first place.

Santa Living Rough

Santa seemed to have had a difficult year. That either, or we happened upon an Amish Santa. All kinds of theories may be made about this image. It’s possible that Google just happened to catch a mall Santa near his squat position, or that this elderly gentleman simply felt like taking a walk in his crimson pajamas.


Nevertheless, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If this is some sort of Santa, we hope his holiday mood improves in time for Christmas. Those folded arms don’t make us feel good, dude. We swear we did a fantastic job this year!

Hands Up!

Another everyday occurrence, no matter how sad. This Google camera certainly caught these guys in the act. We wonder what was going on here. Something shady? Or another case of racial profiling? It’s hard to say from this one image.


And we definitely hope we’ll never be confronted with an image like this if we ever use Google Streets to search up our area.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

This is without a doubt one of our favorite images. Take a look at this – it’s incredible. What you’re witnessing is a man riding on a high wheel dragging a plush penguin around. We don’t think it’s strange. Have you ever wanted to take your beloved stuffed animal on a ride?


Honestly, we have no idea what this guy is doing or where he’s going, but we’re glad Google captured this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Cryptid on Camera?

OK. What exactly is it? It appears that Google has definitively established the existence of big foot. It might have been a curiously attired hunter, a bear, or even a peculiar angle of a tree, but even so, we hope it was kind.


When Google noticed this one, we’re confident they had a good chuckle. In truth, if this were the 1950s, and 360-degree cameras existed and were utilized by Google, they could submit this shot to a newspaper and write a piece about how there is concrete evidence that Bigfoot exists. Ha! Tabloids are in the works.

Man VS Bear

To begin with, we must give credit where due. We salute this elderly gentleman for his bravery and boldness in chasing down a large brown bear with what appears to be a wooden paddle.


When confronted with a bear, we wouldn’t think this the best course of action, but this Russian is pushing for it, and we’re thrilled.

Collision Course

Wow, we pity this guy or lady. They appear to be unharmed, although it was a jarring collision with the pavement. This is every biker’s worst nightmare; all we can hope is that another automobile wasn’t approaching too quickly in that lane.


Although putting her hands first was a wise decision, it appears that her recuperation from some major scratches was still unpleasant. At the very least, they’ll have this photograph to remember and show their friends. How many people can claim to have a photograph of the precise moment they were involved in a car accident?

Seagull Comin’ Through!

That seagull is undoubtedly perplexed as to why a camera is in its way. It only wanted to get the food to a safe location and have a lovely lunch, but it was met by a weird contraption, and there was a near-collision!


Nonetheless, it’s a lovely photograph. It was absolutely ideal time to catch the seagull in a clear flight. It’s always fascinating to watch animals up close and get a glimpse into their daily life.

The Birds

We’d assume Google just happened across a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Birds” if we didn’t know any better. Perhaps the sight of the camera alarmed them and caused them all to flee hurriedly, or perhaps it was simply the time of day.


Nevertheless, these birds are magnificent in this photograph. Even the way the bird closest to the lenses appears against a cluttered background.


Is it possible that these folks just missed trick-or-treating? Or are they really a group of homeless individuals who figured that as pigeons, they’d have a greater chance of receiving food? They appear to be only standing there, attempting to make a statement.


Maybe it’s National Pigeon Conservation Month, and we just didn’t realize it? Whatever it is, it is surely worth photographing.

Pinata Man

Pittsburghers surely know how to have a good time. This guy is either returning from a fun rave or getting set to play a role somewhere. Is it a bird costume of any sort? What is this man’s destination?


Maybe they were simply experimenting with different Big Bird outfits when the camera occurred to catch this employee in the psychedelic rendition of the famous bird.

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

This looks like something out of The Return of the Rubber Duckies, a strange sci-fi film. Yellow peeps aren’t always rubber duckies (the marshmallow candy). Whatever they are, it appears that this adolescent is trying to sell them. If that’s the case, he did a fantastic job displaying them.


There appear to be a few white ones standing next to him. Perhaps he was reserving them for special clients. Or perhaps he simply assumed they’d screw up the color scheme.


Yikes! This is one for the record books! What an incredible moment to capture on film. This Northwestern bus driver had to be frightened out of his mind. Fortunately, it does not appear that the bus was overcrowded at the time.


We’ll never know what happened in this case, but we’re relieved to hear that no one was injured. There appeared to be ice on the bus’s floor, and it most likely began to spin out of control until it eventually hit the railing (thank goodness!).

Head in the Sand

This guy felt he was too hip to drive on the road and instead chose to walk on the grass. Is the car’s owner the man standing a few steps away? Or was it simply a fortunate bystander who happened to be at the right place at the right time?


The passengers in the car were undoubtedly startled, but we’re certain that everyone was unharmed because it didn’t appear to be a major collision. Indeed, the automobile appears to have just slid off the side of the road.

Shish Car-bob

We’re hoping this was (intentionally) an art project on top of a restaurant, a car dealership, or a used car lot. If not, then this shot has far too many loose ends – how did those automobiles get there?!


What a delight for Google to catch this on video, nonetheless. It’s one of those pictures you can show your grandchildren and say, “This is how we used to park back in the day.” Ha!

Drive Me Up A Wall

We’re at a loss for words when it comes to this one. It looks to be photoshopped, but how is it possible? It might just be a particularly well-executed graffiti or art installation.


Maybe the camera is merely messing with our heads by filming from such an unusual perspective. Anyway, the vehicle on the building’s side wins our best parking award of the year!

Too Soon

The gate on this unlucky automobile either malfunctioned and fell down on the hood, or he hit the trigger far too quickly! Automatic gates are such a stupid method to damage your automobile.


We hope the owners of this automobile arrive soon, wherever they are, otherwise they will be facing a hefty repair cost. And, most likely, a tow truck.


What went wrong, man? You simply decided to cover your automobile in crime scene tape and American flags to show that this amazing idea originated from a patriotic North American? However, we must confess that the orange cone on top is one of our favorites.


What’s amusing is that the automobile resembles a prop from “Back to the Future.” The shot was most likely taken a few years ago when Google still had cars equipped with cameras.

Cat is the Hat

Bravo. We adore this guy’s sense of style. Why not? He just decided to put a cat on his head today. Underneath his shirt, he’s sporting a baseball cap.


On the other hand, the cat possesses incredible balance. Imagine how difficult it would be to sit on someone’s head without collapsing. A man and his cat decided to go on a stroll, which is surely a photo opportunity.

Lumberjacking in the Nude

This guy is far too relaxed to be using a chainsaw to chop wood. Man, come on! You’re carrying a chainsaw and standing too close in your underpants. Even if it appears to have been quite hot, you should nevertheless wear at least a pair of pants.


Just glancing at this snapshot makes you feel uneasy. He’s also not looking at what he’s chopping! We get the heat, but this is far too casual with the wood chopping.

Mooing Around

That’s hardly something you’d expect to see while heading to the gas station. On the circle, a group of cows grazing grass. The gas station sign also says ‘Pemex,’ which is a Mexican oil firm, if you look closely. So, we’re guessing these gorgeous Mexican cows went for a walk.


This photograph appeals to us much. It demonstrates how contemporary civilization and the environment can live in harmony. The automobiles continue to go slowly past, leaving the cows plenty of room to roam about and feed.

Red Light, Green Light

What would be even more remarkable than this shot is if there was a ‘just before’ photo so we could figure out how this happened.


The traffic light is located right inside the vehicle. That was a huge blunder. We sincerely hope no one was injured, since it appears that the light almost made it all the way through.

Party On

When you wake up looking like this, you know you had a wonderful night. This guy enjoyed his pleasure surrounded by beer cans, sleeping on the ground close to a park, and wearing a crown.


Thankfully, Google’s cameras captured this wonderful morning-after moment, just before he wakes up and the headache begins. An hour later, we would have liked to have a snapshot of this person.

Doggo Car

That police officer on the motorcycle to our right appears to be as perplexed as we are. This enormous dog is eerily similar to the Mutt Cuts Van from the Dumb and Dumber film trilogy.


Is it possible that the vehicle was stolen from the movie set’s prop closet? Is it possible that people actually drive in this? We’re hoping it’s a mobile pet grooming service or anything along those lines. However, that is one adorable puppy!

Mannequin Overload

This is obviously the rear of a clothes store. But, to tell you the truth, who knows? One of the best things about these images is that you can envision a variety of settings and make up whatever backstory you like.


However, that is an amusing way to get rid of your mannequins. Look at how they’re all arranged as if they chose to get into the trash on their own.

Easter Hops

One of the weirder ones, for sure. Apparently, we’re looking at a business of some sort, and either one of the sellers thought it would be a good idea to walk out and welcome customers like this, or a man dressed as the Easter Bunny needed a new pair of shoes. What are your thoughts?


The problem is, we’re not sure if the youngster is with him or if he was merely captured in the photo by chance. Another amusing feature is that the Easter bunny appears to be dressed in a onesie and a purple Harry Potter-style waistcoat. This entire situation seems a little strange.

Houdini’s Mutt

How could this dog squeeze through that gap? It has an oval form and is rather thin! If this wasn’t a Google Street picture, you’d believe it was photo-shopped, because the proportions don’t make sense.


Perhaps it’s not even a dog, but a fox. This family’s pet fox had decided it was time to flee. Either that or this dog has a lot of fluff because he wouldn’t have been able to get through otherwise.

Childhood Bullies

This photograph portrays a very genuine aspect of pre-adolescent life. The girl on the ground appears to have fallen, and her companions (or what we believe are her friends) are laughing!


One of the most fascinating aspects of these cameras is that they caught completely spontaneous events that provide us a look into the everyday lives of other people and cultures. Hopefully, somebody assisted her in getting up.

Dorothy’s Friends

These men simply decided to go for a walk dressed as the Tin Man Family. It’s either that or they’re leaving a Comic-Con event. Perhaps they were attending a futuristic-themed party.


Regardless, we’re enthralled by the sighting of gold, shiny individuals on the streets. Google, kudos. This is a fantastic piece.

Hazard Golfing

It’s such a beautiful day to go golfing with a friend. Only these guys choose to wear Hazmat suits because, well, why not?


What’s even more interesting is that one of the guys is in a full boxing pose, while the other is about to smack him with the golf club. What’s going on here?!

Google Gets Meta

Take a look at the people behind our stunning photographs! A parking lot of other Google Street cars is shown by Google.


Imagine a fleet of these cruising throughout the country. We can’t begin to comprehend what these folks have captured on video since the footage is limitless.

Mowing the Lawn

This guy was either finished mowing the grass for the day or just needed to exhale and exclaim, “@**& it!” And why not, we say? He chose to flash the Google cameras to give everyone something to look at.


This snapshot transports us to a period when mowing the grass was a part-time task that could be done in shorts while listening to music in the summer. We’ll tell you what, it beats working in an office.

Designated Not-Driver

This is a type of buddy that we all have. The man ends up laying down in the back of your other friend’s pickup vehicle, holding a drink. However, we must give him credit for being a responsible alcoholic.


And, look, it appears that one of his buddies is going to put a jacket on him to keep him warm. Where would we be if we didn’t have pals like these? Or if you don’t have a Google Street View camera to record humiliating moments?

Arms of the Law

Busted! It appears that these men couldn’t run quickly enough. The unfortunate part is that they all appear to be young teens, and we truly hope that this body search does not result in their spending the night in jail.


The other cop appears to have caught the Google camera, or he’s simply gazing at something very intently. In any case, it’s not a pleasant situation to be in.

Busking Cheerleaders

Is there a reason why these individuals chose to do their pirouette in the midst of a busy street? Are they searching for opportunities to practice in challenging environments? Or are they just searching for a way to get some cash for their next adventure?


Nonetheless, the girl’s ability to do this in the middle of the street, during a traffic signal stop, is amazing.

Uh-Oh, This Could Be Bad

When you look at this picture, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Consider what you would say if you were asked to explain the scene depicted in this image. Have you gone completely blank? The same thing occurred to us. Break-in at a radioactive facility with a prisoner as a hostage?

Where are these folks going to work in these outfits? We have no idea where they’re heading or how they got here, but the masks seem a touch excessive.

Google Trike

Google was so ahead of the curve that it had tricycles equipped with 360-degree vision cameras. A truck camera captures one on the job in this image. Consider what it would be like to have that job. The person in charge of the Google Street tricycle.


You’d ride about all day and then get to view what you’d captured on film. What a great way to pass the time. Plus, because a tricycle is less visible than a car, the items it catches are different.

Mr. Ed?

With this one, there are a number of theories. The guy may have simply decided to go for a stroll because it was a purple sweater, horse head day. Maybe these two automobiles know one other and are playing a joke on each other.


It’s an odd thing to photograph, but it’s great to know that people still do things like this – suddenly decide to do whatever they want and walk outdoors.

Ready for Launch

The lost Power Ranger was discovered via Google. This individual is either missing a motorcycle or getting ready to travel to the furthest reaches of the universe. That’s a serious helmet you’ve got there. Those are some serious footwear!


Is he standing at the edge of the road, waiting for something? Whatever sort he is, he is definitely prepared to travel. This isn’t your ordinary biker.

Missing Something?

They were presumably trapped on the road while transporting their kayaks because we can’t think of any other scenarios that may explain this photo. What are they doing in that location?


We understand that some motions should be practiced on dry land initially, but you don’t have to stay out in the heat, dude. You’re kayaking in the middle of a road on a patch of grass!

Spare Gumby!

This is a really funny one. Gumby is being thrown a shoe by these kids. What effect did the odd clay animation have on you? From the 1950s through the late 1980s, Gumby was a national touchstone.


Reruns of the Gumby program may still be found on various stations nowadays. We’re not sure if this is supposed to be Gumby, or if it’s just a person in a costume marketing a green soft drink. We’d rather believe the youngsters got into an altercation with Gumby.

Lawnmower Sale

These guys resemble members of the Sopranos family, but they sell lawnmowers instead of pork. Maybe these two realized it was time to part with all the old lawnmowers they’d accumulated over the years.


Maybe it’s simply a quirk about this neighborhood; everyone puts their lawnmowers out at sunset to show they’ve done their day’s work.

Leggy Giant

It appears that Google cameras captured a huge, 1950s-style lady emerging from a home window in San Francisco. Well, this is simply fantastic. It had to be in a strange city like this one.


This unique art installation of a pair of legs emerging from a home window is fantastic! Is it the tenant’s fault that it’s there? Is this a trippy tribute to Alice In Wonderland, or something else entirely?

The Kids are Revolting

These toddlers had had it with adults dictating mealtimes, bedtimes, and when it was time to leave the park. As a result, they resolved to attack their fathers.


Man, I think that’s a sign that your youngster is consuming much too much television. Offer him a ball to play with the next time you go to the park. Also, do it for the scared children in the back!

Hello Dolly!

To this guy’s credit, he couldn’t locate a real date, so he opted to go for an afternoon stroll with his plastic doll instead. You have to give him credit for his bravery. We’re just hoping he doesn’t take her to his in-laws anytime soon.


To be fair, this guy was most likely moving items to or from a sex business, or perhaps he just bought it, but he was caught red-handed!

Thrilled Pupper

We’d give anything to be able to ride about like this dog. Take a look at its expression; it’s thrilled. What’s the harm in that? It’s being pushed around in an awesome wagon.


Perhaps the dog is a little older, and the owner felt it was a beautiful day for a long bike trip, so he brought the carriage along just in case.
Anyway, we’re smitten by the fact that these two adorable buddies were recorded on video.